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Era uma vez em Watership Down

Era uma vez em Watership Down - Richard Adams, Alberto Gomes A rabbit epic. One day, Fiver sees his warren getting destroyed and tells his brother, Hazel, about his vision, and despite trying to warn their leader, they are ignored. Alongside a small band of other rabbits, Fiver and Hazel leave all they’ve ever known and travel into the unknown in an unbelievable journey.

So, it’s a 400 page novel about rabbits running around and doing things. Okay, fine, I just got it because rabbits are very cute, but was pleasantly surprised! Granted, the beginning is a bit slow, but after you get into the story it’s all so much fun! The rabbits are anthropomorphized, and have their own language (there’s a glossary at the end), their own myths and stories (which were some of my favourite parts of the novel). It features great world-building, which is one of my favourites things in books.

The ending was, of course, predictable, because this is a kid’s book, and making children cry is probably not what the author intended. I like to think of this book as Lord of the Rings for little girls.

Very enjoyable indeed, and I wish I were British so I could study this at school.