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O Velho que Lia Romances de Amor

O Velho que Lia Romances de Amor - Luis Sepúlveda,  Pedro Támen My mom is a big reader. She would probably read more books that I do if she had the time. My dad? Not so much. This is the only book I have a memory of watching my father read. He said it was cool, and I decided to give it a go. Plus my mom has been kind of insistent on me reading it for a while now; I think she has an infatuation with Sepúlveda, seeing as she’s never shut up about his books ever since I learnt how to read.
A man lives in a hut in a small, small village called El Idilio, near the Ecuador. He loves reading and yet, it’s not a story about reading at all. The main character here would be expected to be Antonio José Bolíva, the old man, but the Amazon and the animals and the foliage and the river take the spotlight. Thoughts on the florest destruction written out in a very interesting and different way.
Reading this is was more or less like watching a National Geographic documentary. There’s something about Sepúlveda’s writing that I can’t quite pinpoint, but I do know I really enjoy it.