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O Estranho Caso de Benjamin Button

O Estranho Caso de Benjamin Button - F. Scott Fitzgerald I thought this was just the Benjamin Button story, but it is actually a collection of short stories, four of them, to be precise.
I didn’t like this. I really didn’t like this. The stories were outlandish and silly, but not entertaining, racism is everywhere, and while I know it was the norm in the 20s, it still makes me uncomfortable reading it. The voice and writing itself was disenchanted and lackluster. The only story I actually liked and thought interesting was the Benjamin Button one. My only complaint was that it was quite short, and in that department, I can see how the movie made it better. It filled all the empty bits to create an even more fun narrative.
I once tried reading Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, when I was about 13. I gave up about 40 pages in. I thought I didn’t like it because I was too young and didn’t understand his writing or something; not the case, apparently. Really didn’t enjoy this experience now, after all.