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High Fidelity - Nick Hornby given to me by my mom and dad for my birthday, but bought on may 22nd 2010

Reading High Fidelity made me want to pop a record into my stereo and simply listen to it. I think most people nowadays listen to music as a background noise: when we’re on the computer, going to work or school, studying or working out. I remember being a kid and just sitting on the floor listening to music. I think listening to music is an entertaining activity by itself, but I get bored doing just that. Rob instilled this notion in me, again.
Rob Fleming is a London record shop owner - Championship Vinyl - in his 30s, who spends most of his time talking about mix-tapes and filling out ‘top-five’ lists with his friends and coworkers, Dick and Barry. Rob has also been left by his girlfriend, Laura, quite recently. In fact, the book opens up with his ‘top-five most memorable split-ups’.
This novel is considered ‘dick lit’. I am a girl. I really, really enjoyed this. However, I did think Rob was an ass. Seriously, a major ass. He is self-absorbed, reckless, pretentious and childish. Sometimes rude, too! But he’s really endearing, in that ‘lost puppy’ sort-of way. He tells us that his life is going down the shitter, but at the same time, doesn’t realise it. He’s fantastically bitter and resentful, it that way that makes me love him a wee bit more. Nick Hornby also managed to make Rob a pretentious dickhead without actually making his novel pretentious. Brilliant!
One thing I couldn’t quite grasp was how everyone describes this book as being ‘hilarious’, and how it will ‘make you fall off your chair laughing’. Clearly these people had never laughed in their life before. Sure, it made the corners of my mouth tug upwards a little bit, but I think I laughed harder reading textbooks.
Please read this book, I loved it in the way I love rainy days in the middle of the summer - refreshing, light and happy, but if it lasts more than 24 hours I’ll shake my fist at the clouds. Oh, and read it in a British accent. It’ll get about 56793 times better.
Read from May 30th to June 4th, 2010.