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 Harry Potter e o Príncipe Misterioso  - Isabel Nunes, Maria do Carmo Figueira, Alice Rocha, J.K. Rowling Gone is the angsty Harry we came to know in The Order of the Phoenix, and new, brave, popular, and apparently really attractive Harry is here!
The book opens up with a scene where the Minister of Magic visits the Prime-Minister, which I loved, and a scene at Snape’s house with Narcissa and Bellatrix, regarding Voldemort’s plan for little Draco Malfoy. Throughout the year, we get new teachers, a misterious Potions textbook that makes Harry excel at the class, romance and teenage love that isn’t schmoopy, private lessons with Dumbledore and all kinds of foreshadowing. There’s also intrigue, lies, deceit, showing the past and Quidditch!
You know, HBP was never my favourite book in the series. Actually, I think I quite hated it, since when re-reading it this time, I barely remembered some of the more important details. This time around, though, knowing how everything actually went down, I sort of loved it. The ending was especially moving, (aaaand SPOILER) Dumbledore’s funeral made me cry, etc etc.
However, this book feels, in parts, rushed. I don’t know what happened, but some of it felt like a re-hash of previous information. The comic relief is amazing, Dumbledore’s memories are one of my favourite parts and the ending, UGH, THE ENDING.
I know this is probably the rantiest and most disconnected review ever, but HBP left my feelings and mind scattered all over the place. I appreciate much more now, and reading it was bittersweet: it is Harry’s last year at Hogwarts, even if he doesn’t know it, his last semi-peaceful year.
Final words: trust Snape!