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Generation A - Douglas Coupland given to me by joão as a belated birthday gift

Douglas Coupland is one of my favourite authors. His books are witty, nerdy, smart, funny and all-around awesome. I love them. This is his latest release, which mirrors the writing style of Generation X, which I have yet to read.
Set in a near-future where bees are extinct, 5 individuals from across the country are stung. They are immediately picked up by people in hazmath suits and taken to individual neutral chambers for interrogation. They become celebrities - if only for 15 mintues - and soon realize that they need each others more than they could imagine.
I recommended this book to my best-friend and she promptly declared it was “geeky, just like you”. So, really, it’s no surprise to anyone that I loved it. The premise itself is quite scary. As someone who hated bees and did my best to kill them, a reminder of how the world would be without them (no fruit!) was quite scary. The way Coupland made it all play out was very impressive, and for fear of spoilers I will say only this: the ending was quite silly, and did not make much sense, but getting there sure was fun.
Read from July 21st to July 24th, 2010.