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Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd - Holly Black, Cecil Castellucci, Barry Lyga, Tracy Lynn Geektastic is a series of short stories by several YA authors about geekdom. There’s Star Trek, Star Wars, LARPing, Astronomy and so on, so forth.
I’m a geek. I kind of squealed and smiled and saw myself on many of the pages. On others, not so much. Like with all short stories collection, there are pieces which are AMAZING and ones that are utter crap (Barry Lyga, I’m looking at you). In general, this anthology appealed to the geek in me.
What I did love about the anthology as a whole was that it defined geek the same way I do: someone who is really enthusiastic about something, and isn’t afraid to show it. For example, there’s a story about a pretty, popular girl, who happens to love baton twirling. Between each story there’s a geeky comic, either by Hope Larson or by Brian Lee O’Malley, which of course means I’ll be picking up Scott Pilgrim.
This has an oddly specific audience. So if you think you’re a geek, you’ll probably enjoy it, even if you aren’t into some of the fandoms written about. I know I’m not.
Read from April 8th to April 9th, 2011.