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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  - J.K. Rowling This is the end for Harry Potter. The final book in the series, away from the comfort and security of Hogwarts, where Harry, Ron and Hermione go search for Horcruxes, objects where Voldemort’s soul is being kept.
It is so much different from the rest of the books, there is action, there are too many deaths, unnecessary deaths. Everyone’s greatest flaws come into light, but so do their qualities. This book is emotional, and it doesn’t sugarcoat anything.
I sped through it only once before, forgetting so many of the details and important tidbits. Re-reading this was like reading a whole new book in the series, which I am thankful for. For New Year’s Eve I slept at a friend’s house, sleeping for about 3 hours, feeling exhausted during the first day of the year, but not going to sleep. Oh no, I only decided to put the book down at 3 in the morning, teary-eyed, after reading Snape’s memories. Kudos to J.K. Rowling for making a scene so heart-wrenching.
The epilogue was saccharine, but it really is the only saccharine bit in the series and Harry needed to catch a break eventually. I now quite like this book, despite all the dying and ear-losing.
I’m torn between feeling glad about having finished this little project, so I can stop thinking about the books and move on to different things, and picking up The Philosopher’s Stone and starting all over again. Re-reading the series rekindled not only my love for this universe, but with reading in general. So, thank you Miss Rowling, for creating such an integral part of my childhood. I won’t forget what you’ve taught me.
All-in-all, it’s been a fun ride. The final movie comes out later this year, and I’ll watch it, and weep in a crowded theater, not only because of the sad bits, but it’s the end of an era. I’ve said this before, and I’ll it again: Harry Potter nerd through and through. It has become, not only for me, but for all of us who read it, a way of life and something that defines and unites us. Is it very lame? Yes. Do I care? Of course not. Harry has taught me the meaning of bravery, friendship and trust.
“It’s real for us.”

(bought in Vienna, 2007, read in 2011 for a re-reading project)